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Power Apps Training

Empower your organization and drive innovation with our Power Apps training course. Led by certified experts, our interactive sessions will teach you how to design and build custom business applications using the powerful features of Power Apps. From gathering requirements to deploying your finished app, you’ll learn how to use Power Apps to solve a wide range of business challenges and streamline processes.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced developer, our comprehensive curriculum is tailored to your needs and goals.

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Power Apps training curriculum

(Beginner to Intermediate – 8 hours Instructor-led)
Locally in the Dallas area or Remote


  1. Introduction to Power Apps
  • What is Power Apps and how does it fit into the Microsoft Power Platform
  • Understanding the different types of apps that can be created with Power Apps
  • Setting up a Power Apps environment
  1. Designing Apps
  • Planning and gathering requirements for a Power Apps solution
  • Designing the user interface and layout of an app
  • Working with different types of controls and formatting options
  1. Connecting to Data
  • Understanding data sources and connections in Power Apps
  • Connecting to external data sources (e.g. Excel, SQL, etc.)
  • Working with collections and tables of data
  1. Building Apps
  • Creating screens and navigation for an app
  • Using formulas and expressions to build app logic
  • Working with galleries and data tables to display and manipulate data
  1. Advanced Power Apps Techniques
  • Working with variables and global variables
  • Using conditional logic and branching in app logic
  • Handling errors and exceptions
  • Debugging and testing apps
  1. Integrating with Other Services and Applications
  • Connecting Power Apps to other services and applications (e.g. SharePoint, Dynamics, etc.)
  • Using APIs and custom connectors to expand the capabilities of Power Apps
  1. Best Practices and Tips
  • Tips and tricks for building efficient and reliable apps
  • Best practices for app design and development
  • Managing and maintaining apps in a production environment
  1. Hands-on Labs and Case Studies
  • Practical exercises and case studies to apply what you’ve learned
  • Opportunities to work on real-world scenarios and challenges

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