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Microsoft Viva services

What if we could optimize the way people work?

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Viva is a service that provides a comprehensive view of employees’ wellness in the workplace and helps companies build healthier, more productive, and more engaged workplaces.

Each employee’s wellness is critical to the company’s success. Microsoft Viva helps you stay in your best work place, by making sure you’re mentally and physically fit for the day ahead.

Relieve stress with mindfulness

Stay productive and achieve a healthy work-life balance with a few minutes of mindfulness guided exercises each day.

Skills assessment to pinpoint weaknesses

The Skills Assessment on Microsoft Viva helps you quickly identify areas where you need to improve and develop specific skills.

Explore success stories of other employees

Microsoft Viva also has a gallery of inspiring stories from employees who have used the service to balance their wellness and life outside work.

Microsoft Viva is a suite of employee experience tools designed to improve communication, collaboration, and well-being in the workplace.

Microsoft Viva
Microsoft Viva

Here are some ways in which Microsoft Viva services might help a business:

  1. Improved communication: Microsoft Viva includes tools such as Viva Topics and Viva Connections, which help employees to discover and share information and expertise within their organization. This can improve communication and foster a sense of community within the business.
  2. Enhanced collaboration: Microsoft Viva includes tools such as Viva Insights and Viva Learning, which can help employees to work more effectively with their colleagues and improve teamwork.
  3. Improved well-being: Microsoft Viva includes tools such as Viva Insights and Viva Goals, which can help employees to manage their time and prioritize their tasks, leading to improved well-being and work-life balance.
  4. Enhanced productivity: By improving communication, collaboration, and well-being, Microsoft Viva services can help businesses to increase productivity and drive better business outcomes.

Overall, Microsoft Viva services can help businesses to improve communication, collaboration, well-being, and productivity, leading to a more engaged and effective workforce.

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