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Five Rules of Strong Password

You should always incorporate strong password for all your information system. Information systems
include your network infrastructure, Servers, User workstations, Databases, Gateways, and etc.
If you are using MS Active Directory you can setup the right and secure configuration to create the right
kind passwords.

If you are not using any form of Directory Services to store your password you should always ensure that
your passwords are strong to reduce the attack surface to your organizations

You can use the 5 rules of strong password.

  1. Use at least minimum of twelve characters for your passwords. If you are using a service
    account you should increase your password up to 21 characters.
  2. Use Mixture of both uppercase and lowercase
  3. Make sure you have a mixture of letters and numbers included in your passwords
  4. Include number of special characters such as $%_ and others
  5. Make sure that you do not use any form of dictionary or easily guessable passwords. You can
    think about a phrase out of your favorite movie and use the characters from each word.
    Something that you remember.