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Dallas Dental IT Support

Dental office IT support

Reinvented IT Services For Your Peace Of Mind!

TCG is a local IT support provider for dental offices in the Dallas, Frisco and Plano area. We provide help desk support for dental and medical offices with all their technology related needs.

We provide technical assistance and support to help dental practices run smoothly and efficiently.

This include:

  1. Troubleshooting technical issues: IT support for dental offices often involves helping to resolve technical problems that may arise, such as network connectivity issues, hardware failures, or software glitches.
  2. Providing software support: Dental practices often use specialized software for tasks such as appointment scheduling, patient records, and billing. IT support for dental offices can include helping to install, configure, and troubleshoot these applications.
  3. Managing networks and servers: Dental practices may have local networks and servers that need to be managed and maintained. IT support for dental offices can include tasks such as monitoring network performance, installing updates, and backing up data.
  4. Providing cybersecurity: Dental practices handle sensitive patient data, which makes them a target for cyber attacks. IT support for dental offices can include helping to implement cybersecurity measures such as firewalls and antivirus software to protect against these threats.
  5. Offering training and guidance: IT support for dental offices may also include providing training and guidance to help staff members understand and use technology effectively.

Overall, IT support for dental offices can help to ensure that your dental practices have the technical support you need to run smoothly and efficiently, while also protecting against cyber threats and maintaining the security of patient data

A breakdown of individual IT support services we provide:

  • Diagnose / repair hardware or software issues
  • Spyware, malware, trojan and virus removal
  • Data backup and recovery
  • Setup wireless and networksTechnology related emergencies, including server-client issues, printer, scanner, software, Internet connection issues
  • Installation of new equipment
  • Full implementation of new dental offices
  • Printer setup
  • Scanner setup
  • Internet & connectivity issues
  • Dental software support 

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