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Business Analytics and Reporting

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A common business analytics process can involve data collection, data mining, sequence identification, text mining, prediction, predictive analytics, optimization, and data visualization. Business analytics makes heavy use of analytic modeling and numerical analysis, including explanatory and predictive modelling, as well as data-driven governance, in order to guide decisions. Business analytics (BA) involves the methodical, iterative study of data from organizations, focusing on statistical analysis, to guide decisions.

Business analytics (BA) is a collection of disciplines and technologies that address business problems using data analytics, statistical models, and other quantitative methods. Business analytics is a related field which also uses data to help understand and inform a business. Both fields use data to answer questions Business Intelligence is about understanding what happened within the organization that got you where you are.

Professionals in this fast-expanding field use statistical methods and technologies to discover patterns and trends in aggregate data, and then apply this knowledge to business problems that exist in the real world. We saw how data could be used to generate insights we could use to guide business questions, and then advanced into knowledge, which, when pushed further, leads to insight. Success in business analytics depends on data quality, experienced analysts that understand technology and the business, and the dedication to using data to generate insights that inform business decisions.

Now more than ever, data analytics, approached from the perspective of a business manager, is a critical function to make good decisions across industries. Data analytics careers–business analytics, as well as roles in Business Intelligence and Data Science–deal with the emerging techniques of organizing, deriving insights from, and making predictions with an overwhelming amount of abstract information, and often involve knowledge of computing and other technology.

The combination allows business analysts to bridge the gap between management and technology. Business analytics has the potential to turn health data from an intricate set of analytic techniques into actionable insights.

With both BA and BI, data is collected, sorted, and visualized using data visualization software, so business leaders can get a visual representation of any peaks or weaknesses that might have been identified. Analytics are used to discover new insights that can aid business analytics to help with strategic decisions in the future.

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